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Personalized Support for Success

Are You Worried About Passing the National Counselor's Exam for Licensure?

You have come a long way. You completed a master’s degree in counseling; clinical skills are growing stronger and now it’s time to become licensed. There are application forms to complete; supervised hours to acquire; and looming before you is THE TEST!

Are you wondering how you will ever pass the National Counselor’s Exam (NCE)?

*Confused because you don’t know where to begin to prepare?
*Overwhelmed because there is SO much to review?
*Judging yourself as too slow to succeed?
*Terrified because you know you freeze when you take tests?
*Nervous that you will procrastinate and end up taking the test feeling unprepared?
*Losing motivation to study because you are trying to do it on your own?
*Lacking confidence in how to take a test because it has been so long since you were in school?
*Worried that you will fail the exam, again?

Personalized Tutoring to Ensure Your Success

Passing the NCE comes when you are well prepared and confident. Custom designed tutoring that is done nationally by phone to meet your individual needs can help you reduce the stress of studying and help you to feel very well prepared to successfully pass the exam.

Studying for and taking the exam does not have to be a monster to battle!

Find out how tutoring can….

  • Point you to good study materials
  • Organize the information for you in ways that are readily accessible
  • Lead you step by step through the material that needs to be mastered
  • Simplify research and statistics
  • Show you ways to memorize large volumes of information
  • Keep you accountable to staying on track with studying
  • Give you tips on how to approach multiple choice questions
  • Identify ways you can take care of yourself during the 4-hour exam
  • Help your self-confidence to return. After all, you did make it through graduate school!


You Are Not the Only One

Tackling the difficult National Counselor’s Exam can stop the newly graduated and even the seasoned therapists in their tracks. The exam is long and comprehensive, covering eight major areas. It is not uncommon to feel burdened by the immensity of the task of preparing for the exam. There are many study guides, videos and audiotapes from which to choose, but without a tutor to answer your questions and clarify complex ideas, the information can lead to overwhelm.

Counseling programs can vary widely in how they prepare students to be counselors. Facing a national exam can be daunting and taking a multiple choice question test can be very challenging, especially if your master’s program emphasized other forms of test taking. And no matter how skilled you are clinically, the old fear that “I simply freeze when I take a test” can cause all that you studied to simply vanish. Unless you have talked with someone who knows about what to expect on the exam, you may feel quite unprepared.


Tutoring: The Details

Tutoring can alleviate many of these concerns. This can happen in private or group settings. If you wish to study in a group, I ask that you form your own group. Peers from work or classmates may also be motivated to become licensed and to take the exam.

Because more than 30 states use the National Counselor’s Exam as a prerequisite for licensure, I offer tutoring by telephone to those living anywhere in the country as well as face-to-face tutoring. You can chose to study all eight sections of the test or just specific sections based on your experience or confidence of the mastery of the material.

Handouts include lists of keywords; important concepts and people for each section; test-taking tips and sample questions with explanations of the correct answers. Handouts will be provided by email to those participating by telephone or given in-person to those who live in the greater Denver Colorado area.


But wait…..

It costs to take the exam and costs to buy the study material. I’m not sure that I want to put more money out for a tutor.

Taking the test is a big commitment of time and energy and you want to pass it the first time. A tutor can help you find the most effective study materials; tell you what is essential for you to learn; and give you the emotional support to keep you on track with your studying and to manage the process of taking the test. Doing all these things by yourself may not lead to a successful outcome you want despite all your efforts.

When I think about getting a tutor, I feel embarrassed. I have always done schoolwork on my own.

Taking an exam designed for a national audience can be different than preparing for school exams. You don’t have the advantage of talking to other students or teachers who can give you tips about the test. Students who have taken the exam may not be easily accessible to you now.

In addition, tackling a comprehensive test that covers materials from all the years of graduate school is different than taking an exam in just one subject area. If you have been out of school for a while, the ability to focus to absorb large quantities of information may have faded. Working with a tutor can clarify what is important to know and help to brush off the memory cobwebs.

What Have Others Experienced?

I recently tutored Randy, not her real name, after she had been out of school for quite a few years. She was very nervous about taking the exam and felt overwhelmed by all that she had to learn. Some of the material looked foreign to her because her graduate program had just glossed over many of the counseling theorists. Research and statistics had been a nightmare for her when she was in college and her head just swam when she thought about trying to comprehend standard deviations and t-tests.

Randy found, to her surprise, that she could relax around the studying. Following a flow-chart that organized the theorists and lists of important clinical concepts, she found she could more readily memorize who did what than when she was reading run-on paragraphs. The research and statistics sections became more manageable when she had a chance to ask questions about confusing concepts; to review a chart of how to determine which statistical test to use; and to test her understanding with sample questions.

Why Maggie Kerrigan, MA Licensed Professional Counselor?

I love to teach. I am good at simplifying complex ideas, helping others to remember large quantities of information, and making the process fun! I trust that my students can and will pass the exam.

Having successfully passed, on the first try, three national exams, I know how stressful the studying and examination can be. I make both as pain free as possible. As of June 1, 2011 all of the students I have tutored for the NCE have passed the exam.

Next Step?

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"When I heard about Maggie's NCE study group, I struggled with the idea of paying someone to help me do what I should be able to do myself (study). I decided to go ahead because I was really busy, and knew I'd procrastinate without someone keeping me on schedule.

Boy! Not only did I get it done before nearly everyone in my graduating class, but due to Maggie's approach, I digested the information very efficiently. I knew, after each group, exactly which pieces of the exam I needed to study and how to knock it out fast.

After the group was over, I took the exam and well exceeded the needed score. (I got 135 when all I needed was a 99!) If you still need to get this thing done, I'd suggest you give Maggie a call and get going! Aside from taking it for you, Maggie will make it as painless as possible."

Becky DeGrossa, MA
Boulder CO
Counseling Wise

“My biggest concern … was how I was going to consolidate the (NCE) material in an organized way and retain what I learned. I struggle with tests and this exam was made manageable because of the sequential, linear approach the tutoring provided. Maggie was able to explain theories and ideas in various ways, which helped cement in concepts. The tutoring increased my confidence and security in taking the test. I would not only recommend the tutoring, I would say it's a must. The most significant benefit I got was passing the NCE.”

Anne Dinwiddle, MA
Boulder CO

“When I originally sat for the exam, I had studied on my own using 2 study guides and did not entirely understand some of the concepts. I felt frustrated, hopeless and hesitated to take the exam again. Maggie patiently went through all terminology, explained how to apply the information and helped me finally understand the entire section of Research and Statistics. Also, she provided valuable test-taking tips as well as communicated ways in which to relieve my high anxiety. The tutoring was absolutely 100 percent more helpful than using study guides. I would highly recommend hiring Maggie for NCE Tutoring! She is the reason I passed this challenging test and I will always be grateful for her services, patience, ethical way of practicing and gift in teaching.”

Meredith Messenger
Cherry Hill NJ

"Do I really need to pay someone to help me? Can’t I figure out how to do this on my own? Does this mean I’m not smart? I have a MA…can’t I figure out a study plan? Of course, I absolutely could have done this on my own. But asking for help from Maggie didn’t mean I wasn’t smart or couldn’t figure out a study plan…it meant that I wanted someone in my corner who had a more objective perspective about the whole process.

If I hadn’t signed up for tutoring I wouldn’t have signed up for the test until the last minute. If I had signed up for the test at the last minute, I wouldn’t have given myself enough time to study and prepare and probably wouldn’t have done very well.

Plus, Maggie alleviated many of my worries. I could remind myself of her confidence in me, and let go of some of my concerns. Maggie is a fabulous cheerleader! Whenever I had doubts I could turn to her and she would give me concrete reasons why I was going to pass the test. Additionally, she has the ability to break large amounts of information into small chunks. This saved me a lot of time! I absolutely would recommend tutoring. Tutoring offered my confidence and a structured study schedule to get me to the finish line.

Amy Hartman, MA
Nederland CO

Peak to Peak Counseling

“I’ve been out of grad school for over ten years. While having practical experience is certainly useful, much of the detailed conceptual material had long since vanished from memory. Once I went through most of the guides I felt that no single prep guide handled all the content areas in such a way that I felt clear enough to put the theories or concepts into an application-type question (certainly not Research and Program Evaluation & Appraisal!). I can’t say enough about how efficient and effective Maggie was at raising my game multiple levels:) Her patience, clarity, and humor not only closed the gaps but went a long way to help me move from feeling edgy about the test to feeling confident that I’d done everything I could to put my best effort in. I passed with plenty of room to spare. Maggie is a pro and I’d recommend her to anyone approaching the NCE.  If you’re able to plan ahead better than I was and give yourself more than two weeks, I imagine you’ll do better than pass, you’ll annihilate that test! 

Dan Frantz
Chicago IL

"I aced the statistic questions...thanks to you!"

Molly Prout
Highland Park IL

“My biggest concern in taking the exam was whether or not I would pass. I have a lot of anxiety around test taking. The biggest benefit I received from tutoring, was the guidance and knowledge in understanding the material that was required to prepare for the exam. It was nice to have an outline of each chapter and handouts that were definitely helpful! I also enjoyed the one on one work, as that is how I learn best. I would definitely recommend Maggie to anyone out there who is planning on taking the exam. She is very insightful and knowledgeable in the different areas pertaining to the exam. It is great to have a structured way to prepare for the exam and Maggie provides that structure! ”

Erin O’Donnell
Denver CO

"The biggest benefit I got from working with Maggie was the help and instruction around the stats and research. I felt like I could finally understand it. The graphs and how she explained it was invaluable. I almost got excited about it and wanted to share it with my friends, so that they could see it too. I would recommend Maggie's tutoring to anyone who wants to pass this exam. The one on one attention helped me stay on task and focus on the specifics of each section."

Riverside, IL

"I chose to obtain a tutor for the NCE because studying on my own was not providing any major benefits. I needed someone to assist me with organizing my studying materials & facts and to provide a easier way to understand the concepts.
Maggie in one word is truly "Awesome". She made the tutoring interesting, easy to recall and understand. Our study sessions, along with the memory devices, and material truly prepared me for what to expect on the NCE. As a result of utilizing her services, I am proud to report that I passed the exam on the 1st try with flying colors! Would I recommend her services to someone seeking tutoring: absolutely yes!

Houston TX

"I PASSED my NCE exam! I was shaking when I opened the letter, but God is good. I want to thank you for tutoring me and all the suggestions on how to take the exam; it was completely helpful as I scored the highest in the concentration area of Ethics, which is what you tutored me in!!! Yippee!"

Melissa Wright,
Family Therapist
New Jersey

"...thank you for your help and work this spring regarding my anxiety over test taking. The work we did allowed me to take the exam Monday and pass with the least amount of anxiety during the test. "


"My biggest concern was PASSING the test, the first time, and having the focus to study effectively on my own, especially since it had been four years since I graduated with my MA. Maggie helped direct me where I needed to go and having the weekly or biweekly meeting with her kicked me into gear as far as having the motivation.

The biggest benefit was passing the test the first time! And also the support to do so. Studying with a tutor gave me the structure and motivation I needed to get through material that I found uninteresting. While I am a self-starter and had purchased all of the study materials, studying with a tutor gave me the added boost I needed to get through it.

I would absolutely recommend tutoring. It's great to have the support. Maggie knew where to direct me as far as what to focus on, which also helped a lot. And yes, I have been licensed for over a year, now!! Hooray and thank you! It was well worth the price."

Linda Baird, MA, LPC
Denver and Boulder Certified Hakomi Therapist

Body Mind Integration

"I've been out of grad school for over ten years. While having practical experience is certainly useful, much of the detailed conceptual material had long since vanished from memory. Once I went through most of the guides I felt that no single prep guide handled all the content areas in such a way that I felt clear enough to put the theories or concepts into an application-type question (certainly not Research and Program Evaluation & Appraisal!). I can't say enough about how efficient and effective Maggie was at raising my game multiple levels:) Her patience, clarity, and humor not only closed the gaps but went a long way to help me move from feeling edgy about the test to feeling confident that I'd done everything I could to put my best effort in. I passed with plenty of room to spare. Maggie is a pro and I'd recommend her to anyone approaching the NCE. If you're able to plan ahead better than I was and give yourself more than two weeks, I imagine you'll do better than pass, you'll annihilate that test! "

Dan Frantz
Chicago IL

"Maggie’s gentleness and patience helped me to calmly approach the areas of the exam that were daunting to me and to help me to learn the material with confidence."

Merryl Rothaus, Boulder
Instructor at Naropa University

"Working with Maggie was a pleasure. She was very genuine, patient and attentive to my needs. She taught me in a way that addressed my particular learning style and increased my confidence tremendously"

Lisa Dionne, MA, RN Broomfield, CO

"Concerned that I was weak in the statistics part of the LPC exam, I met with Maggie one time and she made it clear and easy to understand. Plus, that one meeting gave me the confidence that I did know enough to take and pass the exam the first time. Well worth the time and money spent."

Christie M. Baryames, MA
Play Therapy Specialist
Longmont, CO

“Thank you so much for your tutoring. It made the biggest difference in my confidence level knowing that I was prepared. I passed the exam!”

Ashley Connolly
Boulder CO

"The great news is that I PASSED! I had my doubts but I received the score in the mail the day before I went home for Christmas so it was a great present. Thank you for all your help! "

Kelly Glenn MA, NCC (yayaya! )
Boulder, CO

"Maggie organizes the information very well, which makes it easier to understand. The flow chart on which statistical test to use was particularly helpful."

Avia Onwulata

"Working with Maggie was critical in helping me pass the NCE examination. The structure, support and explanation assisted me in learning the necessary content and she provided helpful tips and study techniques along the way. I am thrilled to say I passed my exam on the first try!"

Christy Clark MA
Boulder, CO

"Maggie built my confidence and helped me to understand more than just memorizing the concepts! She is a blessing and I'm sure she will bless another future LPC!"

Sarah Bodden, MA PLPC, NCC

"I just finished the exam and because it was computerized, I got the results immediately. I passed!!! (With flying colors, I might add!) Thank you so much for you time and knowledge in this process."

Abigail A. Jones, MS LAC
Wickenburg AZ

"I did celebrate! Andrew Helwig's book was very helpful and your charts really helped me especially in those sections! I definitely recommend it! My passing score was 85 and I scored 103 utilizing Helwig's and your info. Thanks again!"

Claudette Burnett
Harrisburg PA

"Thank you Maggie for all of your help...I passed it!!! So relieved and ready to move in to the next chapter. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you so much!!!! "

Amy Montoya
Trinidad, CO

"I just wanted to inform you that I passed my NCE exam. I want to thank you for all of your help. Would not have passed the exam without your program. A major burden has been lifted off me. Thanks again!!!!!”

Darryl Allen