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1. A graduate student is getting poor grades. She complains to the teacher about the difficulty of the tests and asks that she retake the exam. Her behavior reflects a _____ view of change.
A. Autoplastic
B. Cultural encapsulation
C. Emic
D. Alloplastic

2. Tom thought he had to justify to his wife why he had spent so much money on a new Mercedes when he barely had enough money for the rent. His behavior reflected an internal struggle called
A. Cultural pluralism
B. Cognitive dissonance
C. Acculturation
D. Assimilation

3. Over time, the Vietnamese immigrant loss all of her original family values held by her relatives who still lived in Vietnam. This change reflects the process of
A. Acculturation
B. Familism
C. Cultural pluralism
D. Assimilation

4. The therapist was very excited that she had received training in Gestalt following graduation from school. Regardless of the ethnicity, gender or problem that faced her clients, she used only this technique to address their concerns. This is an example of
A. Ethnocentrism
B. Cultural encapsulation
C. Cultural pluralism
D. Resistance and immersion

5. Clients look for various qualities in a therapist. These include all of the following except
A. Trustworthiness
B. Expertness
C. Attractiveness
D. An etic view of helping others

6. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross outlined 5 stages of grief and major loss. The following lists these stages in the correct order.
A. Deny and isolate, anger, bargain, depression, acceptance
B. Anger, deny and isolate, depression, bargain, acceptance
C. Anger, deny and isolate, bargain, depression, acceptance
D. Deny and isolate, bargain, depression, anger, acceptance

7. A person who exhibits an internal locus of control would say:
A. He failed the test because he wanted to go to the movies instead of studying.
B. He missed school because the bus was late.
C. He did not complete the homework because the teacher did not ask questions relevant to the
D. He could not get on the football team because his parents would not take him to practice.

8. All of the following describe the benefits of the Americans with Disabilities Act except:
A. It prohibits employers to discriminate in employment against substance abusers who are in
rehabilitation when the company has more than 15 employees
B. It prohibits private bus companies from preventing access to those who are disabled.
C. It prohibits public libraries from denying access to those who are disabled.
D. It is a law that came into effect in 1985.

9. The Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004
A. Replaces the PL94-142 Education for All Handicapped Children’s Act
B. States that free public education must be given to children between 6 and 18
C. States that private schools did not have to provide services to children with qualifying disabilities
D. States that children with disabilities did not have to be mainstreamed with other children,
including those without disabilities.

10. This person argued that clients with mental illness were apt to be those who were different or did not fit in and that the illness reflected only a deviation from the norm of human mental health. He coined the phrase, “myth of mental illness.”
A. Victor Frankl
B. Thomas Szasz
C. Eric Berne
D. Harriet Lerner

11. The defense mechanism that best describes the decision of an aggressive person to lead a peace march is
A. Reciprocal inhibition
B. Shaping
C. Retroflexion
D. Reaction formation

12. Some therapists may encourage a client who is afraid of dogs to visit dogs who are behind a secure fence in order to reduce their level of fear. This approach is an example of:
A. Social learning
B Flooding
C. Implosive therapy
D. Reciprocal inhibition

13. Lazarus argued that you must assess all of the following situations to determine a person’s level of functioning.
A. Biological factors, behavior, cognitions, affect responses
B. Interpersonal relationships, behavior, cognitions, affect responses
C. Biological factors, cognition, behavior, interpersonal relationships, images, sensations, affect response
D. Biological factors, cognitions, behavior, interpersonal relationships

14. The teacher wants to encourage the 1st grader to sit for 10 minutes in her seat. She praises the child when she notices the child can sit for at least 5 minutes, then 7 minutes then 9 minutes. This form of behavior modification is called:
A. Shaping
B. Retroflexion
C. Making the rounds
D. Cognitive behavioral modification

15. Three ego states of transactional analysis are:
A. Persecutor, victim, rescuer
B. Ego, id, super ego
C. Child, adult, parent
D. Protector, inner critic, compliant child

16. The explanation that behavior is thought to be determined by biological and sexual drives, social stages and irrational unconscious forces is called____ and is consistent with ____’s way of thinking.
A. Social learning: Lazarus
B. Phenomonology: Perls
C. Respondent learning: Frankl
D. Deterministic: Freud

17. Asking a client to smoke more when the client really wants to quit smoking is an example of using ____ in therapy.
A. Operant learning
B. Systematic desensitization
C. Negative cognitive shift
D. Paradox

18. BASIC ID describes the elements that one looks at to assess an individual’s functioning. The acronym stands for:
A. Behavior, Affect Response, Sensations, Imagery, Cognitions, Interpersonal relationships, Drugs
B. Behavior, Attitude, Socialization, Impulses, Cognition, Interpersonal relationships, Determination
C. Belief system, Activating event, Sensations, Impulses, Consequences, Imagery, Diagnosis
D. Belief system, Affect Response, Socialization, Imagery, Consequences, Interpersonal relationships, Drugs

19. Who emphasized that one’s belief system, and not the activating event, led to the emotional or behavioral consequences?
A. Freud.
B. Beck
C. Perls
D. Ellis

20. Two models describe how change happens: the human relations core and social influence core. Which one of those listed below do not apply to either model?
A. The therapist’s ability to diagnose
B. Competence of the therapist
C. The power dynamics between therapist and client
D. The empathy the therapist feels toward the client

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